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Making a song and dance about Soprano!

It is a fact that a woman will shave her legs 7,781 times in her life. What fun... !

Let's face it, we spend most of our adult life examining the state of the hair on our bodies and wondering about the best way to remove it. In our teens, we experiment with using a razor, enduring the stubble rash on our legs or after-burn in our armpits; as an adult we might wax or use a depilatory cream, which is messy and often excruciatingly painful. But take it from us, the best way to remain fuzz free for longer is to book a course of Soprano laser hair removal sessions with Jo.

Soprano Alma Laser

You might have noticed the fun advertising for Soprano on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Yes, they're eye catching but they're also true - you really can treat a hairy area in less than ten minutes and Imogen's can prove it.

Before you embark on your Soprano journey, we absolutely insist that you have a patch test done and a health consultation. Jo will go through an in-depth questionnaire to assess your suitability for treatment. Then she will assess the area to be tested which must have hair on it but be clean and dry. If the treated hair is blond, red or grey it cannot be successfully removed, as the laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair shaft. Unfortunately, these hair types are not easily picked up by the laser.

Smooth skin by Soprano is beautiful skin.

Should all be well, then you're good to go!

What should you expect from your patch test? After donning a rather snazzy pair of protective eye glasses - to abide by health and safety - the Soprano laser is applied in a circular motion over the area. The sensation is cooling and soothing at first, this is to protect the skin and prevent damage. Motion technology zaps the hair, gently raising the temperature within the follicle. The wonderful thing about Soprano is that is doesn't destroy or damage any surrounding tissue. The sensation is comfortable and painless; rather like rolling your deodorant over your skin - first cold and then warming to a manageable heat, before cooling down again. The patch test process takes about five minutes and then Jo will remind you not to expose the area to direct sunlight, avoid deodorant (if under arm), perfumed lotions and any heat treatments for 48 hours. Any redness immediately after is normal and should go down within a day. Remember to use a factor 30+ sunscreen too!

Two weeks in, the treated area is noticeably finer than the surrounding hair in its vicinity. The hair growth is slower but would require at least six sessions to really see a difference (you must leave 8 weeks between sessions due to the growth cycle of hair on the body, so you're in it for the long game). You will need to continue with treatments to destroy the hair follicle completely but say goodbye to razors, forever!

So, if you're planning your next summer holiday already (let's face it, there is at least a year's preparation to consider) or are fed up of your unwanted/unsightly hair (back, armpits, face, chest, legs and bikini line can all be treated), pop into the clinic or get in touch here.

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