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Putting you through your paces - EMS Training

Updated: Feb 25

If you were at our launch party on Saturday 14th September, you would have seen Adam sweating his way through an EMS training session with our personal trainer, Kyle. It was very nice of him (!) to give everyone a demonstration of how this amazing piece of technology can change the way you exercise forever. We promise no gimmicks and no false interpretations.

The EMS machine ('Electro Muscle Stimulation' to those not in the know) stands proudly in the middle of our shiny new studio, all sleek lines, brushed metal and space-age dials.

Cables run from the machine to contact points in an EMS jacket that looks like a thin body warmer. These contact points target muscle groups - abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, upper, mid and lower back and the thighs - and a low frequency stimulus is sent down the cable via the machine to encourage them to contract intensely. The jacket is put on over a thin shirt and tights and wetted to increase the intensity of the contractions.

Kyle is on hand every step of your EMS training journey.

There is no aerobic workout with this type of exercise, so don't worry if you suffer from sore joints and weak knees. But just because you're not jumping around, doesn't mean you won't be grunting and sweating! All movements are controlled and performed against the muscle stimulus as Kyle counts you down through each contraction. Some areas will respond more acutely than others; Kyle will control the intensity of the stimulus via the EMS dials to work out what best suits that individual. Your session is personal to you.

Kyle explained to us: "You only need one twenty-minute session per week because after intensive training, your body needs time to rest and recover. EMS is ideal for people who have back and posture issues because it encourages them to stand straighter and push their shoulders back. It was especially good for me."

As with all training programs, it will take time to see and feel the results. However, we have been told that the person undertaking the it will feel a difference after their first session. They should expect to feel as though they have been working hard at the gym and be a bit sore for a couple of days afterwards. Within 4 weeks, they will be stronger and feel healthier and by week 8, should see a visible physical difference.

EMS training needs to be done regularly to ensure and maintain results. It is important to eat a well balanced diet and we can also suggest a qualified nutritionist who can work out a nutrition program for you.

As with conventional training, please consult your doctor if you suffer from any of the illnesses listed here.

Visit us upstairs in Mabel's Emporium and come and have a chat about starting your new EMS journey. We’re offering free trial sessions for a limited period only.

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