Soprano Laser Hair Removal Prices

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Tier 1

Eyebrow, Nose, Earlobes, Upper Lip, Chin*

Tier 2

Cheeks, Side burns, Jawline, Naval, Nipples, Perianal, Under arms, Lip+Chin* 

Tier 3

G-string bikini, Lower or Upper arms, Hands + Fingers, Feet + Toes, Chin + Jawline, Half face/Beard, Neck, Half Back* 

Tier 4

Full face, Lower or Upper legs, Brazilian/Hollywood + Perianal, G-String + Under arm, Chest, Half back + Shoulders,Abdomen, Full Arms * 

Tier 5

Hollywood/Brazilian + Underarms, Underarms + Lower leg, G-string + Lower legs, Full Back*

Tier 6

Hollywood/Brazilian + Lower Legs, Full legs, Full Back + Shoulders*

Tier 7

G-string + Full leg

Tier 8

Full back, Shoulders and Upper arms, Underarms + Full Legs

Tier 9

Brazilian/ Hollywood bikini + Full legs

* per area

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